Purpose And Values

Purpose and Values

The purpose of Isabel’s House is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where people in all walks of life can explore their spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs.

Isabel’s House seeks to provide such an environment by holding firm to these values:

Honest and Caring Relationships provide the foundation for growth & healing among human beings.

Confidentiality is necessary in order for people to trust enough to reveal the deep issues which frustrate their attempts to experience meaningful living.

A Deep Respect for Human Dignity allows every­one who seeks counseling at Isabel’s House to know they have value. Every person will be treated with the hope, that in the context of caring relationships, they can turn their failures into strength.

Acknowledging our imperfect natures provides for the establishment of realistic standards, a basis for forgiveness and maps out a course for healthy living.

Understanding our great diversity allows all people to feel safe at Isabel’s House regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, age, and socioeconomic background.

Commitment to professional and ethical practice assures people that they can trust Isabel’s House therapists to strive to be effective and fair. They are professionally licensed by the state to reflect their particular expertise and they agree to abide by the ethical guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan Bureau of Licensing and Regulation, and HIPPA requirements.