Stephen Nauta, LMSW / M-Div

Stephen Nauta, M-Div, LMSW brings to his practice a variety of experiences as both a social worker and a former minister. He has a steadfast belief that people can overcome mistakes and learn more effective ways to experience life, if they are offered a nonjudgmental environment in which they can think creatively about their life and circumstances. He works with both adults and children. He holds marriage in great esteem and thrives on helping couples build more meaningful relationships.

Stephen has studied the subject of forgiveness and is skilled at integrating this concept into both individual and couples counseling.

Stephen is the author of a novel entitled Sitting At The Wrong Dinner Table. He and his wife, Janice Esh, have co-authored two children’s books about anxiety entitled, Help, There’s A Dragon In My Head and My Dragon Breathes Fire. If you are interested in purchasing his novel or knowing more about these books call him at (616) 846-0559.


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Steve may be reached at (616) 846-0559 or you can schedule an appointment at (616) 847-0207.